Bike Out Hunger

Get on your bike, or go buy a bike, shave your legs (male and female) and join in a single-day or multi-day ride to feed hungry kids. And yes, leg shaving is optional but does have its benefits…there’s a blog post about it on this site.


Bike Out Hunger started as a 6-day 450+ mile ride across part of Texas back in 2012. Due to the popularity, fun and amount of good it did, we made it an annual event. From there, requests were made for single-day rides so we added those. We now have multiple rides all designed to end the cycle of hunger right where we’re riding.

The 6-day ride has three ride groups that accommodate any rider style and tempo. It also has complete support with stretch points every 20-ish miles, stacked SAG vehicle for each group, hotel stays with breakfasts and suppers provided by a local ministry. You also get a jersey, have opportunities to win more stuff, new ride buddies and the satisfaction of helping feed a hungry child.

The Bike Out Hunger rides all have great people, great routes and great community impact. It’s a great chance to pair your passion with helping feed hungry kids in our neighborhoods through weekend and summer feeding programs and also by helping raise awareness of the need and funding for initiatives that meet unmet hunger needs.

It’s a charity ride that goes beyond charity. The feeding ministries that we fund take part in a holistic approach to ending hunger. At times it’s food distribution but others, it’s about training or education or even simply informing people about available programs and opportunities.

Your next actions: Register for a ride. Start raising money (we’ve made it easy through this site.) Help feed these kids. Share and invite your friends to join you.