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In the midst of cleaning up after Christmas and putting away all the new toys Evan (our 6-year-old) received and eating all sorts of leftovers, he disappeared for a bit and came back wearing his orange “No Kid Hungry” sunglasses and carrying all the money he could find in the house.

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He broke his piggy bank, found some change here and there and even a $5 laying around the house somewhere (could have been my wallet). He made us stop our cleaning and playing to count his money. It came to $25.57. “Wow!” was his first exclamation. Second came, “I want to give this to hungry kids so they have food to eat.”

I’m so impressed with Evan, in the midst of all the personal excitement over new toys, a Christmas tree he named Otis (for O ’tis Christmas) he’s thinking of those who are less fortunate. This was one of my Christmas moments this holiday season.

I told him I’d match his $25.57 to make $51.14. “Wow!” escaped his lips again. He’s so excited to see what people can do when they work together. Will you also match Evan’s $25.57 to help feed hungry kids?

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