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Three weeks from today, right now, you’ll be on a bike raising money to feed hungry kids. You won’t be in your office answering e-mails or phone calls and thankfully not in unnecessarily long meetings. You’ll be out on the open road with wind blowing through your hair, through your helmet, burning more calories than you can consume in a day and LOVING it.
What do I think about the next few weeks? I’m a little nervous as I would have preferred more training time but ironing out the details for the ride takes precedence and it’s almost as much fun.
Yesterday I got to ride with a great group in Plano, Legacy Cyclists, who depart from Legacy Church. A bunch of great people and riders. I hope you get to meet a few of them during Bike Out Hunger.
It’s good to get in some solo rides and group rides. Solo riding allows you time to work at your pace on the things you determine (hills, endurance, keeping a straight line, speed, etc.) and riding with a group helps you practice group riding dynamics from pelotons to pace lines to calling out obstacles. Try to get some of both in as we near our departure date.