We rode eighty-seven miles today from Brownwood to Abilene via Cross Plains, making the week’s total 300 miles so far with two days of riding left.

While rain was in the forecast, thankfully, it was another day of beautiful, clear skies. The terrain has changed a bit since the hill country. We are seeing more cows, bales of hay, and open farmland.  The riders talked a lot about the wind being a challenge today, and the distance.

Edmund Ochieng is a 27-year-old, originally from Kenya and now a San Antonio resident. He’s been a steady rider this week, especially on his birthday yesterday. Edmund read about Bike Out Hunger on the web while researching bike rides in Texas and was excited to partner with this great cause. So far, this week, he has enjoyed the company, meeting new people and making friends. He’s learned a few things from the ride.

“We hold back a lot,” Edmund said. “I’ve realized that that week as I’ve been able to go faster and farther than I ever have before. I also learned if it’s not painful, you aren’t going fast enough.”

Edmund and his fellow riders have been working extremely hard to finish well each day, and ultimately to spread awareness about hunger needs across Texas and around the world.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than one in six Texans, 4.8 million people (17.9%), lives in poverty. We ride to raise awareness and funds to help break this cycle. Join us by clicking here and giving to Bike Out Hunger today. Help us support more than 180 ministries around the world that are impacting lives daily with the Gospel as they meet basic human needs through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. We can make a difference together.

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