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Which means that some of our workouts have to be indoors (and for the swimmers, most likely all of those are indoors now). There are few things as laborious as spinning on a trainer or running on a treadmill, but they do provide some advantages. To keep the boredom at bay, I’ve tried watching a movie, assembling then listening to a kickin’ playlist, watching TV, even watching some great cycling footage or amazing race footage but, I get bored and 5 miles seems like 555.

Some of the blogs out there suggest reading while running on a treadmill.¬†Here’s what happened on my last attempt at that one:
Once I settled into a gate that was smooth enough for me to keep track of my place on the page, I did get into the book. A little too much. I lost a little focus and stepped on the edge of the treadmill right where the moving tread meets the non-moving base. Yep, almost went down. I caught myself on the side rails but the book (thankfully not an iPad or nook) doesn’t have arms as strong as mine (it’s about the only thing my arms are stronger than) so it fell to the tread then flew to the back wall. People looked on in amazement.

Have you found any ways to aid the passing of time while practicing stationary exercise? If so, please share.