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Well, we are finally getting some cooler weather. I’m not a big fan of riding in cold weather, but after a summer of 1,773 straight days of 109-degree heat, this winter is a little more welcome than most.

Here are a few tips for riding in colder weather.

  1. The overall general rule is when preparing for a cold-weather ride, start off just a little cold. After about 10 minutes, you’ll warm up.
  2. Layer up. The idea is that wearing varying weights of clothing designed to wick, trap, hold and block. This will create a layer that keeps you dry, one that holds warm air in and one that blocks the onslaught of the wind.
  3. Too cheap to buy a windbreaker? Insert sections of a newspaper inside your jersey. That is, if you can find a newspaper these days.
  4. Keep your head warm on really cold days. Good items are skull caps and ear bands. In very cold weather use a heavy-duty winter cycling cap that has a bill and ear flaps under your helmet.
  5. In extreme conditions, I stay indoors, but if you want to ride, I suggest a balaclava
  6. Your eyes need protection too. In cold weather they tend to tear making it hard to see – a necessity when riding. So simply wear glasses that curve around the face.
  7. Your hands will appreciate full fingered gloves or even lobster mittens.
  8. Your feet are subjected to even more wind because they are constantly in fast motion. Thermal socks from synthetic fabrics or even booties slipped over your shoes will keep your feet and ankles warmer. In not very cold rides, toe covers work well and act as a windbreaker does, but for your little tootsies.
  9. Another good general rule is that when it is below 50-degrees, keep your knees covered. This can be accomplished through wearing cycling tights or even cycling leg warmers.
  10. For your arms, I certainly recommend arm warmers that you can easily pull on or off and store in your cycling jersey.

Enjoy the break from the heat but still get those rides in.