Cycling to end the cycle

GRAHAM – Today was the longest ride of the week – 97 miles from Abilene to Graham (100 for a few who took an extra lap around town to make it even). For Blake Vincent, this was the first time to ride 100 miles on his recumbent bike. The recumbent bike lays almost horizontally, providing a more ergonomic ride.

Blake is from Athens and has participated in two one-day Bike Out Hunger events in his town, but this is first week-long ride with us. He started riding his recumbent bike three years ago when he found it increasingly difficult on his neck and back to ride sitting up. While it’s been difficult for Blake going uphill, the downhill and straightaways have been very enjoyable.

The Bike Out team left from Hardin-Simmons University this morning and had two day riders from HSU join us – Dr. Coleman Patterson and freshman Aaron Henry. Both riders will be going on a week-long Bike Across Texas ride next week, and they happily joined the BOH ride for the day.

As we are wrapping up the week with the last ride happening tomorrow, it’s still so important to remember the purpose of the ride and why we are all part of Bike Out Hunger 2014. In Jasper County where we are staying tonight, approximately 7,470 residents are food insecure and not sure where their next meal may be coming from. On average, these food insecure residents need about $400 more a year to afford “just enough” food to eat. Many of us have yet to experience a time when we had just enough. We tend to be accustomed to more than enough at each meal, with leftovers around.

Riding 100 miles in a day is a great accomplishment, but so is raising more than $50,000 for hunger and poverty through this week of riding. May the money raised through this ride help provide for those who have to go without.

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