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By Rand Jenkins

I was a little amazed at the number of calories burned, I think it’s reading high.

The day went great. First Baptist Church in Ballinger really rolled out the red carpet for us this whole weekend and even on the Monday morning ride out. We had 13 riders depart Ballinger and then picked up eight Howard Payne University riders in Santa Anna.

During one stretch of the ride, it reminded me of that old video game “Spy Hunter” as we had to dodge things falling off one of the bikes – water bottles and a light, nothing too bad – like the oil slicks laid down by the spy car.

This evening we are heading back to HPU for supper and an event on realizing the hunger around us and how to take action. But, rest assured, I’ll be riding in a van for this part.

How am I doing?  I feel good, all except one part of me that isn’t too excited about sitting back in the saddle again in the morning. TYLENOL.