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The recent ruling against Lance Armstrong over the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs has been on my mind. What do I think? What would I do? What’s the right course of action?Here’s what I’ve come up with (personal opinions).

-Cheating is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. Even if others are cheating and you still beat them. It’s just not right.
-Lance has never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. The only earthly being more tested than pro cyclists are race horses. The fact that Lance has never tested positive should be enough to quell the questions and attacks. The bottom line to me is the tests are the determining factor of use or non-use, not association or accusation.
-I don’t know Lance personally. So can’t speak to his character. I do know that several of his life choices have not been what I’d recommend.
-He’s a phenomenal athlete and should be rewarded as such. I don’t care how many performance enhancing drugs you give me, I’ll never win a Tour. Yes, I regret it but it’s true.
-Ending his fight. I’ve read a few accusations that said his decision to end the fighting is proof he doped. I disagree. While his personality is that which doesn’t just quit, every person has a limit. Also, since the accusations continued after never testing positive, what further proof couldd he provide. Lance has fought many things in his career and this one has been a cloud over him for years.
-The USADA and UCI need to be able to work together. If one of the groups finds doping proof and the other doesn’t, what happens? What does the individual lose?
-Lance has done wonders for the sport and popularity of cycling as well as for cancer survivors and treatment.

Do I think he used performance enhancing drugs? My only reply is, I hope not.
Do I think he should have been stripped from all the past wins and banned even from triathlons? No, I don’t. That reason was stated above – he’s never tested positive for using them and that is the system we have in place for determining use.

Final thought
Yes, cycling needs to be cleaned up but lets focus on the current riders. Those that came in second to Lance Armstrong do not now feel like they beat him.