Egg Whites? Yellow yolk? Which to eat and how many?

About a year ago I cut out most egg yolks (yellow part) of the boiled or fried eggs that I eat rather regularly. Mainly to lean up the protein and to cut out some cholesterol. As an endurance athlete like many of you reading this, I struggle to get the full amount of recommended protein for my training level so I thought I’d try to lean it out. After all, how much turkey and protein powder shakes can one guy eat???

On thing I never liked was the way scrambled egg whites look. If you haven’t cooked them, they look unappetizing. So I started adding one full egg to the three scrambled egg whites I was scrambling. The look greatly improved and apparently so did the nutritional value.

Turns out, that’s actually a good thing to do according to Livestrong’s recent article, “Should I be Eating Egg Yolks Everyday?”