Fewer School Lunches and Bad Math

Fewer School Lunches and Bad Math

The US House Education and Workforce Committee is entertaining a bill that would scale back the number of free meals at school for children in need. The school meal program may be the most effective way of combating childhood hunger. We as a nation dependent upon a healthy and educated society must look to expand this program, not shrink it.

A few years ago Dallas Independent School District began a creative approach to the same funding issue and produced a great outcome. They evaluated the cost of charging some children while providing meals free. Here’s what their site currently says, “We provide approximately 125,000 lunch meals, 98,000 breakfast meals and 10,000 after school meals daily at over 219 school sites. In addition, during the summer we provide approximately 300,000 summer meals at Dallas ISD schools and other non-school sites. FCNS is totally self-sufficient.” As one can see, it is no small task. You can read more about it on their site.

Funding for this comes in part through the USDA. Your school should district may be able to do the same thing. My friends at USDA leadership positions have told me they simply want to make sure that hungry children get the food they need.

Info on the House story.
Info on the Dallas ISD story.
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