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I just finished today’s ride, a lot cooler than yesterday and with a slighter North wind. At the midpoint of my ride is a 1-mile climb that will elevate your heart rate a good bit… Just as I crested it today, two things happened:
1. A fellow cyclist, who was driving, gave me a thumbs up. (I knew they were cyclists because of the bike rack on the car.) This simple little gesture validated me and my work up the hill. They hadn’t seen me climb the whole thing, just crest it. Nonetheless, it added to my satisfaction of having climbed the hill. And yes, I’m sure it was a thumb and not a different finger.
2. The wind quit. I purposefully went North to have the first half of my ride into the wind (and have it help push me home). So, after 20 miles pushing into a wind, not a bad one, but noticeable, and thinking about how fast the return home would be, it just basically stopped when I began the descent of the aforementioned hill.
It was a good day, and a good ride. I hope you got out to enjoy the weather as well. Tomorrow, Sunday, they are calling for almost 30 mph wind with higher gusts. I think it’ll be a run day.