Giving Up and Giving for Lent

For the past decade or so, I’ve chosen to give up something for Lent. Again this year it is fried foods. Granted, I don’t eat a lot of fried food, but the few I do eat, I do enjoy. To make it more challenging, I’m also cutting out refined flour and sugar.

Why does my “giving up for Lent” always revolve around food? Because it’s a big part of my life. Always has been (grew up in the South) and hope that it always will be. I do eat a lot to maintain my energy and active lifestyle but I’m also a foodie and enjoy good and interesting dishes. I’m honestly writing this while polishing off a veggie omelette.

It bothers me that I assume food will always be available for me. To help remind me of just how grateful I should be for that, my prayers over meals now include, “…thank you for this food and thank you for the ease at which I come by it.”

The connection that exists between food and life is why Out Hunger exists. I’ve been fortunate to always have food in the pantry. (Although in my teenage years I recall staring at a stocked pantry and full fridge only to exclaim to my mom, “There’s nothing to eat.”) It is just impossible for me to separate significant events in my life and food.
Every time families gather – there is food.
Every time friends gather – there is food.
Every time I meet people for business – there is food.

But what if there isn’t?

This year, I want to also add something to Lent. I want to do something positive. So, every dollar I would have spent on chips, bread, pizza, donuts, fried chicken, whatever – I’m going to donate it to feed others. For me, that beneficiary is Out Hunger. I’d love for you to choose that one too, but most importantly, want you to be generous to those in need of food.

Feed kids through Out Hunger.
Join an event that increases food security.