Going fast makes the climb worth it

SAN SABA – Today was a great day of riding! The team traveled from Fredericksburg to San Saba, approximately 75 miles. We passed scenic spots like Enchanted Rock and had an elevation gain of 2,650 ft. Several of our cyclists reached their highest speed ever – including John Deenie who clocked in at 54 mph.

“Going that fast on the downhill make the climb worth it,” he said.

John is on staff at North Side Baptist Church in Weatherford as Education Director, along with fellow riders Keith Warren, who serves as the Executive Pastor, and Eddie Burg, the church’s Building Supervisor. John, Keith and Eddie, are all cyclists who enjoy a challenge. They wanted to get behind a cause that makes a difference, and joining with Bike Out Hunger was a great fit.

This is the first year for all three riders to join Bike Out Hunger’s week-long ride, but this isn’t their first BOH event. One week ago, North Side Baptist Church hosted a Bike Out Hunger ride at their church, with 112 participants.

North Side became increasingly aware of hunger needs in their community as they began a weekend feeding program for children two years ago. What started as preparing an average of 20 “packs of love” for school-aged children, has turned into more than 140 each weekend. This ministry has impacted many children in the community who would not have food otherwise.

“What concerns me is for some reason the poverty is increasing,” John said. “I hope hunger needs will remain a focus for our church as we continue to reach out and help.”

Since then, the church has increasingly focused on hunger issues, not only in Weatherford, but also worldwide through gifts given to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. Last year, the church raised $29,000 on one day to give to the offering. They are hosting a special Mother’s Day Hunger Offering this Sunday, May 11, and hope to surpass last year’s giving.

By participating in a church-wide event and joining with the Texas Baptist ride this week, momentum and awareness have been building in their church for this Sunday’s special offering.

Tomorrow we head to Brownwood. Continue to pray for safety for the riders and for Bike Out Hunger to make an impact on the communities we ride through.

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