Heat Prep

As it begins to heat up out there, be prepared for your hot rides and races.

First, it’s always important to stay well hydrated. In July and August I actually carry two more bottles than normal on my rides. Sip water/hydration beverage every 15 minutes.

Some fairly recent surveys point to heat training and here’s a little bit about what they have to offer.

Ride at conversational pace during the heat of the day to get your body used to light work in the high heat. It will help get your body used to working on the bike and working to stay cool.

If you are newer to cycling or the heat, start out riding 20-30 minutes in the heat and work up to 60-90. All at about 50% effort, remember above…conversational pace.

If the weather just doesn’t cooperate, ride indoors, but in a long-sleeve jersey that will create a microclimate for you. You’ll sweat a lot this way so put down an extra towel, hydrate like you were outdoors and wash that nasty, sweaty jersey when you’re done.

Why do all of this? It’ll make you faster. According to the research, 6-8% faster regardless of weather and up to 5% increase in VO2 max.

I didn’t make this up…here are two sites that have this info.