Out Hunger Impacting Lives

Out Hunger Impacting Lives

The fall issue of Mansfield Magazine highlighted Out Hunger’s work in our community. While it unfortunately showcases my picture, the article does a good of job telling what Out Hunger is, does, and why.

The work is possible to people like you, so thank you for furthering the work of Out Hunger by participating in events and by financially supporting the organization and its work. To continue your support, please visit outhunger.og/giving.

Through this article, you can tell that Out Hunger is on the grow and expanding its work in helping communities come together to feed families in need. Even though this article is great, there are still numerous aspects of our growth that aren’t mentioned because we’re still working on the details. I’m extremely excited about what’s coming and once it’s set, I’ll make sure you are all aware.

Linked below is the article in PDF form if you’d like to read it.
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