Improve your riding

Now that we are well into the riding season and the #tdf2014 is going strong, I often wonder how I can improve my riding. Well, Bicycling Magazine has some tips for rapid returns, most of which I think will help me and you.

A couple of glimpses into some of the techniques in the article:
>spin faster – a faster cadence can decrease leg fatigue enabling you to ride longer
>add in hills – varying your hill workouts or just introducing them can have big payout
>go to bed hungry – well, they do correct that and say don’t go to bed full (no eating within 2 hours of bedtime) but to me they missed the main point which is the fact that sleep is a performance enhancer (see another post on OutHunger on sleep).
>practice what you don’t do well – if you don’t descend well, practice; if you don’t hold your line when getting a water bottle, practice it. Practicing what we are NOT good at makes us better too
>ride in lousy weather – you’ll have to race in it, so get mentally prepared
>ride with people faster than you…and keep up. It may cause suffering, but you’ll get better.

Click here to read their article.