kids make great fundraisers

I was visiting Share Our Strength this week and talked with them about the No Kid Hungry campaign and Bike Out Hunger events. One of their promotional items is a pair of orange sunglasses. I got a pair for Evan (6).

This morning on the way to school, I gave him the sunglasses and told him what No Kid Hungry was about. That there are some children who don’t have enough food to eat. Very concerned for a 6-year-old, he asks why. Not having time to delve into sociology, I gave him a more basic answer of not everyone is as fortunate as you are. Well, he’s caught on to the idea that some kids are hungry and shouldn’t be. He’s told the story, unprompted, to people and already raised money. So, if you see an adorable and caring 6-year-old in orange sunglasses come up to your door, get the tissues and your checkbook.