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Not last, as I may have another before we depart.

– Packing. I sent out an e-mail a month or so ago about some packing but want to refresh some points. Each night will be casual (I’ll probably be in shorts and certainly a t-shirt) so no need to pack the formal attire. We will have plenty of luggage space on the bus, but I recommend still packing light due to the fact that you still have to carry it around…and your bike. Each of you will receive a Bike Out Hunger t-shirt so plan on adding that to your luggage. I’m going to
wear that one each night (may or may not ever wash it).

– Jerseys. Each of you will receive two Bike Out Hunger jerseys so also plan for that. I’d like for you to wear them as much as possible. But, if you don’t wash that one, I may not ride near you. I certainly want each of us to wear the Bike Out Hunger jersey on Monday and Saturday.

– Closing “ceremony”. On Saturday when we finish our ride at Baylor Hospital (right next door to the BGCT building) we will have a time where we can share a little about our experience this past week and also close the week out together. We are planning on this event running from 11 – 1. Lunch will be served and your family/friends/people picking you up are welcome to attend.

– Reminder – pack tubes, sunscreen, lip balm, chamois butt’r (or similar), sunglasses