New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Each year many of us resolve to improve ourselves in some way or another. Each year those resolutions are met with mixed successes.

One of the main factors of success in achieving the resolution is involving others. We can involve others – either by sharing our resolutions with friends but more so by so by becoming involved with those who practice your resolution. If your resolution is to eat more healthy, then hang around people who do. If your resolution is to live a more active lifestyle, then join in with people who are.

Bike Out Hunger events allow you to do two common resolutions: 1. be more active and 2. give back to people in need. Even our six-day event is set up for any experience level of rider to enjoy – we have short routes, long routes, people who will encourage you, and support along the route should you need it. Your participation in the ride and in the fundraising helps children in our state have the food they need. Many of our events support local weekend and summer feeding programs as well as Out Hunger’s pilot project, “Snow Food” which feeds hungry children when schools are closed for inclement weather.

Actively live – physically and philanthropically

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