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It’s upon us. The new year, which means resolutions to exercise more, eat less, spend more time with friends and family, save more money, start a new hobby or care more for our fellow men and women. What are yours? What does each say about who we are and what we want to become? 

You can knock out a few of the most popular resolutions by joining us in Bike Out Hunger. It will inspire you to get in shape, burn more calories in a week than you thought possible, begin/continue a lifestyle of exercise and greatly impact your reach of helping feed hungry families. Also, if you encourage some of your friends and family to join, you can spend time with them for several hours a day…knocking out yet another resolution.

Speaking of resolutions, the other day while continuing my winter indoor workouts at LifeTime Fitness,  I can tell you that, as in years before, many people have set resolutions to go to the gym… I’m glad it was a swim day for me as the place was packed. The lap pool had a few people but by mid-swim, I had the whole thing to myself and could practice my bi-lateral breathing without having people think I was drowning.

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