Q: What makes Congress Mad?

A: Long lines at airports and the closing of national parks.

Q: What apparently doesn’t make Congress mad?
A: Ignoring the needs of low-income working families by cutting WIC and HeadStart as well as ignoring the needs of seniors by cutting Meals on Wheels.

More perils of a government shutdown.

How do we know this? Listen to them talk about the perils of a sequestered budget and a shutdown government. They (as do many of us) moan about the inconvenience of a longer wait to get through airport security meanwhile senior adults could lose as many as 19 million meals in a year. Getting irate over the cancellation of public park and building tours when an additional 70,000 children who need a head start are finding out their program is not available for them, reveals an inverted priority.

As Christians, and at the very least as caring individuals, we should be more concerned about the well being of our neighbors than losing 8 minutes of our day in a line for a flight.  Besides, that’s an opportune time to tweet a snarky comment about the aforementioned inconvenience.

So, beyond creating tweets and posts that get shared by your friends, get involved in making a difference where you are.

Do something. Volunteer at a local school or Head Start program (when it reopens) or with a before or after school program at a school or church. Can’t find one that you like? Start one and then get your friends involved in it.

Give something. If you don’t have the ability to make time, try funding programs similar to those mentioned above or anything you truly care about.  A non-profit program in your community would love to hear from you and your bank.

Q: What makes me mad?
A: The tens of thousands of children of low-income working parents who will not be able to rely on WIC in the coming days and weeks to help feed their families. Similar anger led to the creation of Out Hunger…to do something about it.

Q: What makes you mad?
Solution: End sedentary agitation and take action about it.