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Hey all, just thought I’d send out some of the questions I received lately. Oh, I also included the answers…

Do you want us to wear the Bike Out Hunger jerseys every day of the ride?
I wear one every day. We will give you two and each hotel has laundry facilities.

How will the bikes be transported?
Bikes – we have two bike trailers that are fully enclosed and lockable that will transport the bikes.

What do we do with our bikes each night?
Some places allow us to keep them in our rooms, but I put mine in the trailer so I don’t have to lug it around. Yes, they are very safe. The trailers are modified cargo trailers and have been outfitted to house bikes and keep them from touching one another or anything else.

How will our luggage be transported?
Suitcases – yes, the bus will be with us each day and will be the place to pick up and drop off luggage each morning/afternoon. It will be at the hotel before we riders get there.

What about meals?
Morning meals are at the hotel. They have varying degrees of good, but all work well. Each evening a church in the area is feeding us and they are given advanced notice that we will eat more than normal people. We also give them some ideas on good food to prepare. Also, each stretch point (every 20 miles) will have a wide assortment of energy bars, nuts, fruit, candy and drinks. Further, each mid-day stretch point is at a Subway type restaurant so there’s always that option as well.

Do we have SAG wagons?
There will be a SAG wagon behind each of the three riding groups to provide assistance, rest and some hydration/fuel on an as needed basis.