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Well, it’s not always the most fun way to ride but it allows me to practice at my personal level and to finally work in some of those interval sprint trainings I’m supposed to be doing more frequently. Also, it allows me time to work through issues at work, have some creative thought time and eventually clear my mind. And, with the wonderful weather we’ve been having lately, you won’t really be all that alone. 
On one of this weekend’s rides I was climbing one of the two infamous hills as a paceline goes flying by me going down the hill. Several of them yelled words of encouragement as I pumped the pedals. I didn’t think I looked that bad, but I must have been wrong.
On the next day’s ride, a small red car with a father and his two boys pulled up along side me. I instantly thought, well, this may not be good. I was wrong. They kept my pace a little and we talked. They asked how many miles I’d gone (30) and how many more I planned on going (40). The final question by the 14-year-old boy, which still makes me laugh, “Do your legs hurt?” My reply was, “Not yet.” They laughed and went on to their destination.
So, even when you have a lone ride planned, keep the motivation and get out and ride. Your body and mind will thank you.