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By John Hall on day two of Bike Out Hunger

This morning, we had to ride 40 miles by 11:30 a.m. for a wonderful lunch gathering at First Baptist Church in Hamilton. That may not seem early, but it’s one of the shorter time periods we have to ride such a distance.

Many of the riders hustled along the course, running in a pace line and sharing the role as the lead. They rolled up to First Baptist Church right near the 11:30 cut off.

Me? I was roughly 12 miles outside town. My legs felt great. I was working hard. I simply couldn’t keep the pace that was needed to do what needed to happen. This morning, the van had to pick me up so I could make lunch. I needed help if I was going to make it there.

While the situation clearly isn’t the same, it made me think of the plight of the many Texans who are considered “working poor.” They have jobs. Sometimes they have more than one job. They work as many hours as they can. They’re doing the best they know how. Yet, some days they still can’t put food on the table.

Today, I had a group of people I could turn to help me out. They’re Christians, people who earnestly care about me, want to see me succeed and are trying to help me do just that. When I fell short, they were there to help me get the help I needed.

For many people looking for food, that’s exactly what churches are. They are their first source of help. They are a place where people can go to receive encouragement and aid. There, they can hear the good news and taste it as they bite into the food the congregations distribute.

Is your church a place where people can turn to for help when they need it?