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Today it starts, and it starts in a big way…100 miles with some of my newest best friends. Together we are beginning Bike Out Hunger – Texas 2013, which is bicycle journey from The Woodlands to Giddings, over to Austin, then to Cameron up through Waco, over to Waxahachie and on into Arlington for the finish. By Saturday noon, we’ll have each accumulated 445 miles over the six days.

We are riding these miles to bring awareness to, raise money for and encourage action toward ending the cycle of hunger. Cycling this distance is the manifestation of our desire to help people who often times don’t know where their next meal is coming from. That’s called food insecurity. My experience with food insecurity is simply not knowing what to pull from the pantry and cook or which restaurant to choose.

This week’s ride has several highlights to educate the participants, their Facebook friends and twitter followers and even churches and legislators.
-Wednesday morning (April 24) we ride out from the Capitol steps in Austin with a send-off from Commissioner Todd Staples, USDA Regional Director Bill Ludwig and other legislators in the fight against hunger.

-Thursday afternoon we are having a picnic with Missions Waco, Texas Hunger Initiative, Truett students and some area church members to highlight the work these groups are doing to end hunger.

-Friday morning we are feeding and eating with some of the homeless individuals in Waco through a church who has been serving meals to those in need for the past 28 years.

-The final day, Saturday, we ride to FBC Arlington and Mission Arlington to see first-hand some of the great work accomplished there. One of Mission Arlington’s ministries is to give bicycles to those in need to help them get around town and to jobs. I’m looking forward to riding part of the way with some of these men and women as we finish the week.

Topping all of this is being able to capitalize on the power of social media. Throughout this week, each cyclist turns into a hunger advocate by posting and tweeting what they are doing, what they are learning and how they are helping in the fight. Again this year, we are trying to raise $30,000. To keep up with the riders through pictures, videos and stories or to sponsor the cause, find us at:

Facebook: Out Hunger, twitter: @outhunger (#bikeouthunger) or online at