Tour Watching

Yes, I’ve been glued to the TV or my iPad (spent $9.99 on the app to watch it while travelling for work in hotels that don’t have NBCSN) since the Tour started. I’ve watched it for years and plan to keep watching it along with the Giro d’Italia and other races abroad on in the States.

And yes, people often feel it necessary to explain to me how cycling has been ruined by the doping. No, those people don’t cycle and never have and I’m sure if I asked them which sport they follow it had its own issue of PED use. But that’s beside the point. The ability of these riders (just finished watching the ride up Mont Ventoux) is amazing and the people who line the roads are fun to watch (man with the stuffed pig) as well as a reminder of how base society can be (throwing a bottle of urine on a cyclist).

Jason Gay with The Wall Street Journal wrote an article in today’s edition titled “The Awkwardness of the Tour” and many of my thoughts and emotions seem to be shared by  others, or at least with Jason. Take the time to read a short article on it.