Tri Success

The rebirth of the Baylor Tom Landry Triathlon was a huge success. The proceeds from the event we produced went to Out Hunger and our work to end the cycle of hunger in our neighborhoods.

We had 178 youth and 373 adults raced the tris on April 18 and 19 respectively. Amidst the 178 youth were a special 12 first time triathletes from inner city Dallas that Out Hunger outfitted and Tri-Now trained. These groups of kids ran an amazing race, encouraged one another, learned new skills and have some really cool equipment to keep. It was a wonderful experience to start with educating them on what a triathlon is, watching them learn the disciplines and then competing so well at the race.

One thing I learned about producing an event in Dallas is that it is expensive. The number of police, cones and barricades required can total almost $60,000, even for a sprint race. While we had great sponsors and a great turnout, not all of these costs were accounted for which detracted from the funds going to the cause. Click “giving” to help us put food on more children’s plates.

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