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With the Tour over, many of us will find a couple hours or unspoken for time on our hands. I miss the excitement of it already but it was a great Tour to watch. Wiggins rode exceptionally well and really did a number on the TT. Cavendish just really may be the fastest man on a bike. Team SKY dominated the entire course.  Now, even though it’s hot, is a great time to capitalize on the enthusiasm and energy from the Tour to step up our training.

One of the interesting things I read was the type and amount of food the cyclists consume while on the Tour. It takes between 6,000 and 8,000 calories on a typical day during the three-week race. Yes, that’s a lot and they aren’t adding the calories by eating French Fries. It includes a lot of fruit, nuts, yogurt, vegetables, complex and simple carbohydrates as well as lean protein from chicken, eggs, beans. To add calories, several use molasses, honey or other natural sugars. There are also several items that are antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories such as blueberries, bell peppers, dried fruit and sweet potatoes.

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