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Day 2 of Bike Out Hunger enjoyed a great tail wind that helped push us along the 89 miles from Dripping Springs to Lampasas. The day started a little rough – I was running late trying to do too much work prior to the ride. Then within the first 10 miles, we had a broken spoke and broken chain. All got fixed today thanks to the great support of fellow riders and crew.

Amidst a little bit of inconvenience, the ride was absolutely gorgeous, and it’s awesome to be riding through such beautiful rolling hills, God’s Country, as we called it, while helping God’s children.

One of the great things about having a large group of riders with matching jerseys and even a Bike Out Huger trailer is that people notice. Yes, some in a bad way when the six seconds it takes to pass a rider makes them late for their appointment, but most, far and away, most is overwhelmingly positive.

One lady who noticed the Bike Out Hunger riders took the time on her commute this morning to remember our website. When she went to the site, she posted the following:

Drove past both groups from Marble Falls to Lampasas this afternoon. Posted a picture on my twitter account and used the hashtag #bikeouthunger. Later this evening I will post your website because what you all are doing is awesome. Stay hydrated and be safe.

God Bless you all.

You are doing great things.

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