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Julay Paw came to this country with her husband, two children and three small drawstring bags that contained all they own.

She knew few people and couldn’t speak or read English. As a Karen refugee from Burma, the U.S. government helped her family financially for a few months and helped her husband find employment. Once those were up, she and her family were on her own.

Until they met Jeni Knighten and Rebekah Petty.

Jeni and Rebekah helped the family get situated and assisted them in getting the aid they needed. President and co-founders of Hope 4 Refugees, Knighten Petty gave the family rides to appointments when they needed them, food when assistance fell through and walked them through the process of forms and procedures.

Through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger-supported ministry, Julay began taking English as a second language classes, moving from one level to the next to the next. Julay opened  her apartment for an ESL class and invited people to come.

As her English improved, Julay proved vital to Hope 4 Refugees. Five years later, she now serves part-time with the ministry, translating for more recent arriving refugees. Because of her experience, she understands how to best help those who have come after her.

The assistance Julay received through Hope 4 Refugees has been invaluable. When asked if she would like to say anything to those who support the ministry through the hunger offering, Julay was direct:

“I want to say thank you so much.”