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Yesterday I was having the new bike trailer fitted with its signage and started talking with the guy applying the logo after I brought him some coffee. About 13 sips in he asked, “So, what is Bike Out Hunger? Does it like, help food pantries?” 

I proceeded to tell him what all we do from riding 400+ miles to raising money to spreading the word on how people can help feed others. Once I finished our story, he simply said, “That’s cool.”

A few seconds of silence passed and I could tell he was thinking, but didn’t know about  what, so I let it stir as I wondered what was in his head. Finally, he broke the silence with, “I’m a single dad and it’s hard for those of us with a low income.” Another pause. “We had to use a food pantry quite a bit last year. Bills kept coming in. It was great to be able to get food and even personal care items at the food pantry.”

As you prepare to ride, as you ride and as you shop and as you eat, remember that there are some who are less fortunate.

That is why you are riding.